Winners & Losers of the Federal Budget


Middle and low-income earners – There are tax cuts promised for working Australians, starting from those earning $18,200 a year. Middle and low-income tax earners will get a tax offset of up to $1,080 from a single income, or up to $2,160 from a family income

Commuters – By gosh we need this one. The government is throwing $15 billion at new road and rail projects. This includes fast rail proposals in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland and quadrupling the Urban Congestion Fund to improve parking facilities and train stations

Small Businesses – Planned tax cuts for small and medium businesses has been fast tracked by 5 years, which will benefit around 970,000 Australian businesses. The instant asset write-off has also been expanded to $30,000 (from $25,000) and will also be extended

Cashed-up Retirees – Older Australians will now be able to put money into super for longer, even if they are not working. From 1 July, 2020 the age limit to make voluntary contributions to their super will be increased 67


High Income Earners – If you earn over $126,000, there are not tax cuts in this budget for you

Big Businesses – Whilst there was a nod towards the small to medium businesses, it isn’t the same story for big businesses. If your business brings in more than $50 million, there are no tax cuts. And on top of that, the government will be cracking down on big businesses who avoid tax

First Home Buyers – There is nothing in this year’s budget that makes it easier to save for a deposit for your first home



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