At Progue, we understand that the use of efficient and effective accounting software is the key to smooth business practices.

Things to consider
When choosing accounting software, you should consider:

  • Does the system deal with all payroll requirements? This includes PAYG, superannuation, annual leave, sick leave, long service leave etc
  • Does the system track stock, work in progress, orders, jobs and other task management requirements?
  • Can the system handle multiple bank accounts?
  • Can the system handle foreign currency?
  • Does the system track separate financial records for each business or department within the business?
  • Does the system allow for interface with other computer systems such as online payments?
  • Does the system keep detailled records on customers?

A correctly setup accounting package like MYOB or Xero will simplify your account keeping process.

Setting up a system
When you set up your financial records you need to make sure that they meet all relevant compliance requirements. This is done through setting up classifications, also known as a chart of accounts, and can be quite distressing if you are not familiar with the process. This is where Progue comes in, contact us and we will help you determine a software solution that is ideal for your business.

Already set up?
Have you already got an accounting system but are unsure if you are using it to its capacity? We can assist you with learning the ‘ins and outs’ of your software.